Friday, April 14, 2017

My "Why"...


As I lay on my bed soaking up my few minutes of alone time I will get for the day, I keep thinking about the question "Why?"

I recently, within the last week, signed up to be an Independent Consultant with Thirty-One Gifts.  I own my own business and for the first time in all of my direct selling experience I am super excited and want to truly succeed with this company.

One of the things that I found that I have been constantly asked in the last week is, "Why?"

Why did I decide to get into direct selling and own my own business and why did I choose Thirty-One Gifts?

Truth time folks:
I was terrified to get back into direct selling because of all the failed experiences I had in the past.  But since last September my family has accrued alot of medical debt because of a surgery, an emergency room visit, biannual check ups for my youngest's one kidney (which is functioning at 100%), occupational therapy and a precautionary ultrasound.  Needless to say, we scrap the bottom of the barrel every month because of all this extra debt and only having one full-time income.  We needed another source of income and I still want to stay home with my sons until they are both in school full time.

So my options were to get a work from home job that required me to sit in front of my laptop for hours a day, ignoring my kids so I could meet deadlines, etc... or get back into direct selling.  I choose to take a leap of faith and get back into direct selling.

I went to work researching companies and Thirty-One Gifts had everything I wanted!  I love the products!  I love the message of the company, "To empower women".  I love their Thirty-One Gives Foundation and all of the work. 

It was a no brainer for me and after discussing it with my husband, I signed up. 

I now own my own Thirty-One Gifts business and am ready to work my butt of to make it a success for me and my family! 

I can now make money to help pay down our debts and be debt free! 

I can stay home with my boys and work on my time! 

I am my own boss! 

I have a great team of other women supporting me! 

And I get to get out of the house and party with fabulous women during hosted parties! 

Now that sounds fabulous to me!

I am so excited to use and share the wonderful products with all of my family and friends!  The chance to help make their days a little simpler with great organizational tools is just so fulfilling for me.  The fact that I can help them in this way is such a blessing! 

So there you have it.  This is my "Why"!

And I can't wait to work hard and make my business success a reality!

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