Monday, March 13, 2017

Healthier Living Challenge: Week 10


I had a really great week 10 considering how busy it felt.  I did not accomplish all of my goals for the week, but I did get out of the house more.  My 4 year old and I called it the weekend of friends because we both saw friends outside of our house each day. 

I should really call it the week of friends because I had a visit from one of my oldest and dearest friends last Tuesday in the afternoon.  It was a very good week indeed.

As for my goals, one day I did not drink at least 60 oz of water and on that same day I did not do 100 crunches. 

Although both of these things are still daily goals of mine, I have decided to forego putting them down as goals for week 11. 

For week 11 of my healthier living challenge, I am going to focus on more creative, intellectual goals with a sprinkling of some social time and physical exercise that fits better into my daily life.

So, until next time, onward and upward!

Goals for Week 11: 3/12 - 3/19/2017
1) 4 reps on each leg of side lunges daily
2) Create a revised power point for presentation at the church
3) Make 6 more wooden postcards
4) Have some time with friends without my kids or husband

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