Monday, March 27, 2017

Healthier Living Challenge: Week 12


I'm posting late again.  Week 13 of my healthier living challenge has been so full that I am just now getting a chance to post about week 12.

Week 12 was a great week.  I accomplished all of the goals I set for myself and then some. 

Since I am behind on posting, I'll write about the highlights.

I decided to order the Dave Ramsey book, The Total Money Makeover.  I have been frustrated for a while about how we have been tackling our debt.  We are not really making any progress and are barely scraping by every month money wise.

So I took action and ordered the book.  I am absolutely committed to following the plan in the book.  Now to get my husband to be totally committed too.  We already have Baby Step #1 done so now we are starting Baby Step #2 which is the Debt Snowball.  I am so excited and feel like for the first time in a long time that we can truly be debt free in a short time with total commitment and focus.

I am continuing to work on leg exercises and am beginning to feel and see the difference.  My pants are starting to fit better too, which is awesome!

I accomplished my other goals as well, but I will discuss one of them in my detail in my week 13 post.  The other, I will post about on its own soon, when I am ready to reveal it in more detail.

My goals for week 13 are more physical in nature.  I am working on incorporating more movement back into my day after getting lazy for a few weeks.  I need to write them down so I have to hold myself accountable each day.

For now, onward and upward dear friends!

Goals for Week 13: 3/26 - 4/2/2017
1) 100 crunches daily
2) leg side lunges daily
3) Drink at least 60 oz of water daily
4) Make notes and do presentation on my book at the church on Tuesday evening
5) Start Baby Step #2 of Total Money Makeover

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